Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fun weekend in KL...

So I spent the long weekend in Kuala Lumpur with one of my very close friends from Manila.

A month ago or so, my friend told me that he is planning to take a job in KL. I wasn't sure if he was joking. When he started asking about living overseas and I started doing some research for him about the income tax in Malaysia, that's when I thought that he was really serious about it. When he sent me his papers from the company so I can take a look at it, that confirmed that he was going to take the job.

I'm unable to divulge his identity because he still hasn't resigned from his current workplace. His trip, in fact, was very hush hush. I could relate because I did the same thing when I was planning to move to Singapore a few years ago. I would fly over the weekend without telling anyone. Hehe!

The news that this friend decided to take a job overseas is a big surprise. I've always thought he is too attached to his family. I know that he is doing well with his career in the Philippines. I know that he is actually financially stable. Plus, there's also the fact that he is in a relationship. One more big surprise is the fact that he accepted in a city he has never been to. Lol! Talk about leap of faith.

The trip over the weekend was his look-see of the city. He was also going to have a meeting with his would-be new boss.

Since I had nothing planned in Singapore, I told him that I will join him if I can find cheap airfare. Luckily, I did. I was able to get a return flight for just $103 via TigerAir. For a less than hour flight, it was actually okay.

I was very excited to see this friend. We agreed that we would just meet at the airport. I think the trip was really meant to happen because our arrival times were so close to each other. My plane was scheduled to land 10 minutes ahead of his. Is that a sign or what? Haha!

If it were up to me, I would have filled the weekend with activities for him to be a bit more familiar with the city. However, he told me that the point of the trip was "to fall in love with Kuala Lumpur." After he said that, we just decided to stay within KLCC and Bukit Bintang area. Hahaha!

Though this is my nth trip to KL, this is still one of the most memorable ones because I still managed to do a lot of things for the first time. Who would've thought? I'll write about that in a separate post.

Also, this is the first time that I have a decent photo with the Petronas Towers. The first time I went to KL, I was on my own. I worried for my camera being stolen so I didn't really get to have a decent photo with the towers. The other time I went was with my Mom. Unfortunately, she cannot take a proper photo to save her life. Another instance was just me again but I didn't have enough time to roam around the city.

This time, I knew I was going to get a good photo because this friend knows what he's doing. And because I was going to be with this friend, I knew I had to pack my Comme des Garcons with me. Lol! I decided I'd go for the red one to pair it with my white shorts. It'll be my Happy Birthday, Singapore attire. Haha!

It was a good trip indeed. More details in the next post. Looks like I will be flying quite often to KL soon. Or maybe he'll be flying frequently to Singapore... especially during the Club 21 Mega Sale. Haha!

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