Monday, August 25, 2014

Pump + Combat Saturdays...

As Tipz mentioned in his blog, it turned out to be a weekend packed with activities.

First order of the weekend was a grueling Body Combat and Body Pump class.

Initially, I was doing the Combat/Pump Saturday combo solo. After awhile, Jon was finally convinced (coerced?) into spending a few hours of Saturday morning at the gym. Then, Tipz also started to make the trip to the West to join us for classes.

Last Saturday, there was another addition to our triumvirate - Jon's housemate Lara. Congratulations are in order for her because she survived the insane Combat class and managed to walked out of the class in one piece. Haha!

As much as I enjoy the classes, what I don't like is the time spent queueing to register for classes. The official policy is that registration for class is 20 minutes before it starts. However, people start forming a queue 30/40 minutes before class to ensure that they can get a spot.

I feel like it's a lot of time wasted on queueing. Good thing I have my trusted Kindle, which keeps me company during queueing. Haha!

I wish there was an app that allows gym members to register for a class. Registration for a class would only be available 30 minutes before each class. This way, no one will be signing up his/her name for all the Pump, Combat or whatever class for the entire year. I dunno how feasible this is, but I'm sure it's doable.

The Saturday routine is really something I always look forward to. One, I like the instructors for both classes. They can really motivate the class to do well. Two, I am able to put in more effort in class becase I don't have to wake up at 530AM the following day. Ergo, I don't mind uploading the weights at Pump and kicking higher at Combat.

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