Saturday, August 30, 2014

Movie date plus MkSurf8's birthday celeb last night...

What is up with this weather? It has been raining quite heavily in the morning these past few days. All of a Sunday, it becomes hot on a Friday.

What makes me even crazier is how my body temp seems to have difficulty adjusting to the sudden change in the weather. This has always been the case since I was a child. Haha! Thankfully, I was able to get rid of asthma-ish attacks as I grew up. I would, however, get feverish with the crazy weather changes.

Just like yesterday. Lol.

Still, I did not let it stop me from having an awesome Friday at work and an even awesome Friday night.

First agenda for the night was movie with NB Boy. Originally, we were supposed to double date with Mon and Richie. However, plans had to be rearranged after Mon, Richie and I received a text message from one of our good friends. I was thinking of postponing the movie with NB Boy so we an just do the second agenda for the night. Thankfully, I was able to find an earlier screening time of the movie The Hundred-Foot Journey. Mon and Richie did not get to join us anymore for it.

The movie had a very simple story. It was, however, filled with good lessons and positive values. The other thing I absolutely loved about the movie was the location - the French countryside. Throughout the movie, I mumbled "Oh my God!" several times as sceneries of rural France appeared on the big screen. Oh god, I wouldn't mind retiring in such idyllic surrounding. Haha!

From The Cathay, NB Boy and I took the bus to head to our main agenda for the night. The birthday gathering of good friend MkSurf8. The birthday boy booked a room at the Ritz-Carlton and some twenty plus (?) of his friends showed up to celebrate with the birthday boy. NB Boy, I have to say, did a good job in mixing with the crowd though he doesn't speak Filipino. It was also great seeing friends chat with him. If only I could move whatever it is we have forward...

Anyway, it was an enjoyable evening as always! Any gathering hosted by MkSurf8 is sure to be a happy one. I left the party close to 1AM. In the cab on the way home, I wasn't feeling very well. By the time I laid in bed, I was already feeling the fever. Few hours later, I turned off the AC and I popped two paracetamols. Thankfully, I woke up because I was already sweating.

Gosh, I've been up since 6AM. I just didn't turn on the lights because I wanted to go back to lalaland. Major fail. So now here I am writing. Lol!

May this weekend be as awesome as Friday night.


  1. and you managed to do bodypump and bodycombat?! lol

    1. I paid dearly for my stubbornness as soon as I got back home. Lol. :-/