Thursday, August 7, 2014

Good news shared by good friends...

Schadenfreude: the German word which means happiness in the misfortune of others.

Now, what do you call happiness in the good fortune of others?

Today, I felt blessed that two friends messaged me to tell me about the extremely good news they received today. One friend messaged me in the morning, while I was having breakkie. The other friend messaged me around noontime. However, I only managed to reply to her and chat with her in the evening.

It was a good start and a good end to the day, imho.

For the first friend, it was about finally getting her fiancé visa after months and months of waiting. For the second friend, she shared that she finally bagged the job with a new company after being in between jobs for a few months. I was genuinely happy for both friends as I knew about their concerns right from the start. Both of them have always been included in my prayers every Sunday at Mass. So, I couldn't be more delighted to hear that the prayers have been answered.

I will be honest though. For I am only human, I wondered in mind to Him, "What about me, Lord? When will it be my turn?"

The thought didn't last very long as it became clear to me what his message was, "Wait. It's not yet time." And he used both of my friends as his instruments in delivering the message. Though different circumstances, there was one thing common: both had to wait. Both had to remain faithful and prayerful. And in the end, they received what was in store for them.

Call it reading too much into things. Maybe. But the faithful and trusting person in me firmly believes that that was Him telling me His message through my friends.

The message has been consistent. Last Sunday, the readings at Mass carried the same message. As the priest paraphrased it, "Walk away from your fears. Walk towards the path of faith."

It's easy to fall into the trap of being kancheong. I've been described to be as such by a few people. Haha! Slowly, slowly, I'm learning to let it go and put my trust in Him. My constant prayer is for Him to increase my faith. Then, I begin to worry less and I get excited about what He has in store for me.

For now, I'll just keep on doing what my first friend told me, "Enjoy while waiting."

Oh, about the verse above... If I were ever to get a tattoo, I now know what my tattoo will be. Matthew 6:34.

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