Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A night at the museums...

If Saturday daytime was a workout overload, much of Saturday night was an overload on arts and culture.

It was the second night of the Singapore Night Festival. Jon asked us if we wanted to go check it out. I have really been meaning to go to the festival, and I was doubly happy that a bunch of friends were also keen to go.

The evening started with dinner with Richie and NB Boy. Unfortunately, Mon couldn't join us because he already had prior commitments. NB Boy and I met up with Richie at Cathay to have dinner at one of the restaus.

From Cathay, we walked over to the green space across Cathay, whereby food booths, a mini flea market, a performance stage and some kind of light installation were set up.

While waiting for Jon and Lara, we checked out the different booths and the light installation, had some mini-pancakes for dessert and watched a bit of the onstage performance.

Afterwards, we started our museum pilgrimage starting with the National Museum, followed by the Peranakan Museum and finally, the Singapore Art Museum where we met up with Tipz.

Hmm, I enjoyed the most the "Divine Trees" setup at the National Museum as well as the various exhibits at the Singapore Art Musuem. Divine Trees, done by a French artist, features surreal light projections onto the towering trees outside NMS. The result: faces of divine figures on the trees as if they were looking down on us mortals.

Meanwhile, the different exhibits at SAM never fail to tickle the senses. I must admit. After guiding for an art exhibit last year, I became more receptive towards Contemporary Art. Haha! It was also pleasant to see the works of a number of Filipino artists showcased at SAM.

There were still several other setups to visit but it was already close to midnight. I, personally, was already starting to have art fatigue. Haha! I would definitely want to go back again to check out the setup at the Armenian Church and some of the other galleries at SAM.

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