Sunday, August 3, 2014

Much more relaxed weekend...

Compared to the Hari Raya weekend, the weekend that is about to end in a few hours is significantly more relaxed. Haha!

Whereas the activities during Raya weekend were nonstop (I was sleeping past 3AM for three consecutive days), my schedule this weekend was a bit more relaxed.

For Saturday, I just did some house chores in the morning before heading to the gym by 10AM. I like the class schedule at the nearby Fitness First. Body Pump. I get a one-hour break. Body Combat. Since I could bring in a guest during weekend, I invited Jon to join me for Pump. I also managed to convince him to stay for Combat. Yay!

By the time we left the gym, it was almost 3PM. We had lunch at one of the restaus in the mall. I got home around 430PM.

It only gave me enough time to rest a bit before heading out again for dinner and a movie with Jon and Tipz. I was somewhat craving for something sinful so we decided to go to Tonkichi at Shaw House. It was a good choice since the cinema was also in the same building. Mon and Richie joined us for dinner.

Following dinner, Tipz, Jon and I headed to level 6 for the 930PM screening of Guardians of the Galaxy. It was hilarious! I definitely want the soundtrack.

As soon as the end credits started rolling, I checked the time. It was almost 12 midnight. I checked the last train departing for Jurong East from Ochard. After seeing that I had about a few minutes to catch the train, I said a quick goodbye to Tipz and Jon. They decided to stay behind and wait for the bonus scene after the credits. Meanwhile, I walked/ran from Shaw to Orchard station.

Thankfully, I was able to catch the last train. How do I know it was the last train? When I alighted at Yew Tee, the info screens at the station already changed to "Train Service Ended." Whew!

MkSurf8 invited to a hohol at his place. As much as I wanted to go again, I had to say no because I already said yes to a Sunday morning walk with Mr. Lim.

So today, I found myself up at 7AM. Around 9AM, Mr. Lim and I were already on our way to Macritchie Reservoir. We've been to Macritchie numerous times.

However, today was my first time to do the other boardwalk trail at the reservoir. It was a very easy walk. We covered about eight to nine kilometres. My Runkeeper app paused at 4.5 kilometres halfway so I couldn't tell the exact distance. Since the terrain was very flat, it didn't feel like a 9 kilometre walk. Haha!

For lunch, we headed to Serangoon Garden Food Centre for the famous braised duck. Unfortunately and surprisingly, the shop was closed today. We still had a good and cheap lunch thanks to the neighbouring braised pork stall.

In the afternoon, it was just QT with JC at Mass followed by grocery.

The readings and the homily at Mass today were awesome! In summary, the key message was "Fear to Faith." The message was to walk away from fear and walk towards faith in Him. I messaged my colleague Paula (sort of my fellow Word warrior) about the readings and homily after Mass.

It was definitely a good ending to the weekend and a good start for this brand new week. Thank you, Lord, for all!


  1. can we do something active sa saturday/sunday. haha lets go biking in ECP all the way to changi village! :)

  2. ay oo nga hahahaha! the week after nalang. thanks for organizing! im in charge of volunteering people hahahahahahaha