Thursday, August 21, 2014

Looking forward to James Jean print in a few weeks...

Some time last week, I received an email that James Jean was going to release a print some time this week.

I took note of the date and set a reminder on my phone. Yesterday and this morning, the alarm for the note went off.

Once I had proper access to a computer, I went online and checked the print that was for sale - Tiger III.

No doubt it was a James Jean. The print was hauntingly beautiful.

I debated for a short while whether I should get the print or not.

What helped me start clicking "Add to Cart" and processing the order were the following: 1.) It's a signed and numbered time-limited edition; 2.) Never to be re-printed; 3.) Who knows when James Jean will release a print again; 4.) The price, including shipping, was affordable considering it's a James Jean.

In less than 5 minutes, I placed an order for a James Jean print. I checked the site again just now and the sale has now been closed. I'm really glad that I decided to grab the opportunity to get my own James Jean print.

The sale was just for twenty-four hours. I don't know yet what the edition size will be. I'm crossing my fingers it won't be more than 100, or at the most, 250. Haha!

I first learned of the Taiwanese American artist when he collaborated with Prada a few years ago. Fully Booked invited the artist to Manila in 2009. I was grateful to have had an opportunity to meet the artist, have two books autographed and have a souvenir photo with him. Thankfully, I have a youngest brother who was willing to accompany his Kuya.

I remember that I was in awe of his prints that were on exhibit at Fully Booked. Who would've thought that I would one day have the opportunity to have my very own James Jean? Early birthday pressie. Haha!

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