Sunday, June 29, 2008

Angelina Jolie and two Koreans for the weekend...

Watched Wanted last Friday at Rockwell. The movie opened that week so as expected, it was full house. Planned to watch the 8:05 screening but ended up getting a later screening, because all the good seats were already taken.

Anyway, I was a bit disappointed with the movie. Though the movie had a good cast, James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, and Angelina Jolie (who I loved in Mr. & Mrs. Smith and A Mighty Heart, among others), the reaction I had on my way out of the cinema was "what was the whole point?" Yes, the action sequences were great and again, I liked Mrs. Pitt's acting but then I didn't really understand what the central message of the movie was - searching for the truth? standing up for oneself? justifying the means with the end? taking charge of your life? I couldn't tell. Haha! The movie was also rather long, almost two hours.

Saturday night, on the other hand, was spent hanging out with Reena and Rhyz at the former's house. I dragged Reena to go to UP Diliman in the afternoon (that's a separate entry) and in the evening, Rhyz joined us.

We watched the Korean version of the movie "My Sassy Girl." I'm not sure if this was also the TV series, although someone may have mentioned that this was different from the series. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Haha! Not only because it was a cheesy film (Haha!), but because I liked the flow of the story. It didn't have the usual formula of boy meets girl, they fall in love, they fight, they make up and live happily ever after - and that's one of the reason why I liked the film.

I liked how the guy took it upon himself to "cure the girl from her grief." He didn't know the girl, but he just let down his guard and let the girl into his life. And in the process of "helping" her, he gets to know her more and by simply being the support system of the fragile girl, he was becoming the guy for her. There were several moments of laughter throughout the film, but I was also a bit moved by that scene where the girl asked the guy to go to the opposite side of the mountain and there, she took off her tough exterior and just poured out her heart's content. How the film ended was also rather interesting.

I guess I liked the film because it reminded me that every now and then, that's what we have to do in real life, huh. We're afraid to get hurt again, but when someone new comes along, we just have to take the leap, lower our guard and let the person in. Otherwise, we wouldn't see the person for who she or he really is, because we're so scared of getting hurt, because we're too worried of how things will turn out this time. And if one is the other person, one can give freely and wait. And if nothing happens, at least, one would have made a difference by simply choosing to care.

Eeeep, I'm going to stop now before the dam of emotions breaks. Haha! There's an English version of the film, and I think I'd like to see that just to compare and find out which one is able to stir more emotion. Haha!

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