Monday, June 30, 2008

Mag-UPiktyuran na...

Saturday afternoon was spent in UP Diliman. All I've been seeing the past few weeks are malls, and I needed a change of environment. That and the fact that I'm on a shoestring budget. Haha! (I need to find a job on the side. Hmm...)

Anyway, it was great to be back in the university. Reena and I took some photos at the Oblation. First time I've ever gotten my photo with the Oblation. Hehehe! And then we went to the Shopping Center. I suddenly remembered how affordable it is to be in UP. P5 gulaman and yummy street ice cream for P25. Hah! Then it was walking time, which I really wanted to do. I wanted a round of the university oval, but since it drizzled, we were only able to do half of the oval. Hehe! While waiting for the rain to stop, we hung out at Vinzons Hall where other students also sought shelter. The rain finally stopped and we continued walking, and we spent another hour at the benches of Sunken Garden just talking and people watching. Hehehe! It was a good Saturday.

By the way, we have a promo for UP constituents: UPiktyuran Na! with Smart: UP Centennial Smart MMS Photo Competition! Click here for details.

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