Saturday, June 7, 2008

Carlo time on a Friday night...

Friday evening was spent with Carl. We met up at 9 at Glorietta 4. Got a quick dinner at Food Choices then sinful dessert from Dairy Queen. We then caught a late movie screening. Afterwards, we hung out at Gloria Jean's til 3 in the morning just chatting. I was asking him questions about the new Zsazsa he was working on. Hehe! One of the questions was inspired by one of the baristas of Gloria Jean's. Hehe! It was two in the morning, so you can't really expect my mind to be functioning well. Haha! Anyway, I shamelessly asked Carlo if he would consider something for the new book and Carlo being Carlo, he said yes. Hehe! We got both excited about it and the next few minutes were spent conjuring possible scenarios for that project. Hehe! Can't wait for the next Zsazsa. Oooohhh! I'm excited.

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