Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ready to get on that bike again...

The last time I rode a bike was a little over two years ago.

It was something I enjoyed very much. When I wanted to have some thrill, I could pedal harder and increase my speed. When I wanted to just relax, I could just go at the speed I want to. It was great, and it was something that made me happy and laugh and just be bright about everything.

But then there was one time, when I thought I was doing well and when I least expected it, I fell...hard. Really hard.

And since then, I haven't been on one again.

There were times when I almost did, but it just never happened. Partly because I just didn't feel like it, partly because I've been too comfortable walking, partly because I've been too okay just hanging out with the best of my friends.

Uhm, last week, something made me want to try getting on a bike again. Just like the time that I fell hard, this one was also unexpected. I thought I'm 100% ready to get on one again, and I know I am. I really am. I've found myself smiling so many times already just thinking about how happy I was when I was biking, so there are days when I just really went to go and do it.

It's just that I'm scared like sh*t. What if I fall hard again? I don't know. I really wouldn't want to go through that again. But I also know that if I don't dare, I wouldn't also feel the thrill again.

Maybe I just need some reassurance from someone, to push to me to go for it, to tell me it's going to be fun, and if I do hurt myself again, there's no other thing to do but get up, attend to the wound and then go for it again.

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