Monday, May 21, 2007

Late Night...

Friday night and very early Saturday were spent with friends from work.

It's been a million years since I had my last night out and I wasn't completely prepared for this one.

Started at eight in the evening and ended at three in the morning.

First stop was Norman's flat in Malate. He prepared some fantastic appetizers - canapes, sandwiches - and alcohol - red wine, vodka, beer. We also ordered Chinese, since we haven't really had dinner.

While we started dinner, some of Norman's other friends arrived. It was a different get-together because none of them were Filipino. I can't remember the last time I was at a party where there were several foreigners too. Anyway, that night felt like an international conference or should I say, international soiree. Hehehe!

Party group included 7 Filipinos, 3 Polish, 1 German, 1 Canadian.

What I enjoy about having foreigner guests is that the chatting hardly stops. There are a lot of topics to talk about, and because we have different backgrounds and cultures, the discussion never stops.

When we've been buzzed (I knew I was), we headed to the Fort where we hung out at Jill's. We were there by midnight, which was good because the party was already really in full swing. Since I haven't gone to a club for quite some time, I really enjoyed dancing to the music. Never mind that it was from the disco era, and the DJ played some songs I didn't know. Hehehe!

Two hours later, I was already feeling sleepy. We decided to call it a night. I forgot my bag at Norman's so we had to go back to his house. While in the cab, Norman asked if we could drop by M Cafe to see the others.

We agreed thinking that we were just going to do a meet and say bye bye thing. Not. I had to order something to wake me up. Unfortunately, I was already really tired and very sleepy. The fact that I had work in a few hours didn't help.

At one point, I was already falling asleep and Sharon and Grace had to wake me up. Hehehe! Talk about a really embarassing moment.

Anyway, I managed to get home and as soon as I saw the bed, I threw myself onto it and dozed.

It was a good night though. I haven't so much fun, since I can't remember. Hehe!

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