Monday, May 14, 2007

A Pair of Brazilian Flipflops...

Apparently, a pair of Brazilian flipflops is more valuable than I am. At least, that's how this one person sees things.

Recently, I was supposed to watch the current hot movie for the week with this friend. Actually, this friend is more of like an addiction. I know how things are between us and yet, I still continue to put myself through the pain. Hahaha!

Anyway, we decided to watch on a Saturday night. I was a bit hesistant because this friend had another thing to go to after the movie. The problem was we were watching in faraway Mall of Asia, and the friend's thing is in faraway Bulacan. But the friend was insistent because there was something to be bought at the Mall of Asia, as well.

I should have known that that was the reason why we were watching at faraway Mall of Asia.

Hmm, three hours after I arrived at the mall, there was still no sign of the friend. Then I received an SMS informing me that the friend was already in the area. So I lined up and bought tickets for a 9:20 screening. After I got the tickets, I waited for another 15 minutes for the friend. I already had an idea where to go, so when I got fed up, I headed to where I thought the friend would be.

I was correct.

Walking towards me, I saw the friend. And a carrier bag for those frigging flipflops.

I was just so frustrated and disappointed. How can a pair of flipflops be more important than a human being? How can a friend do such a thing?

To make matters worse, the friend was a bit anxious when I said the screening was at 9:20PM. If we did watch the movie, the friend would get to Bulacan past midnight and it would be pointless.

So deciding for both of us, I lied to the friend that I can refund the payment for the tickets, that the friend should head to Bulacan already, and that I didn't need a ride home.

The friend wasn't convinced.

But as soon as I said, "Let's just forget about this," I turned around and walked away as fast as I could.

The friend called me, but I didn't bother to look back.

I didn't want the friend to see how down, how disappointed, how frustrated I was.

Why do we put ourselves through situations like this?

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  1. Hala! Kaka-intriga naman itong "friend" na ito. kwento mo sa akin one day, ha...